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Disclaimer: this demo generates completely random sequences of words which make sense if you're super lucky. This is not tax advice.

Get sales tax right..

U.S. corporations overpay $30B in sales tax each year on purchases that are actually tax exempt, and get only 65% of it back with a reverse audit. applies machine learning technology to prevent these overpayments from happening in the first place.

Sales & use tax compliance is tough.

This is what we hear over and over from our customers. Here's why:

Too many purchases

Companies purchase thousands of things every day: making it impossible to review, even for a team of tax experts.

Too many rules

State tax codes can get pretty complicated, especially if you have operations in multiple jurisdictions.

Complicated systems

Accruing use tax, applying exemption certificates and filing refund claims all require knowledge of many complicated systems.

Our Solution

Our AI-powered platform corrects past errors and prevents them from being made in the future. It's sales & use tax compliance with minimal effort.

Get a FREE Health Check

Our AI combs through your Accounts Payable data for overpaid (and underpaid) tax. It can expose millions in eligible refunds, all for free.


Find out how much sales tax your company has paid in error, and submit a refund claim to get it back!


Worried about liabilities in case of a State audit? Our free health check can give you insights and take action to prevent penalties and interest.

We train our AI on your data

We build predictive models tailored to your purchasing and use of items and services. This is done on a per-location basis, so our system can apply the right tax rate and State tax exemption laws. Here's the data we need:

Accounts Payable data

An excel or csv file with purchases your company has made in the last four years. This is a report you can run in your ERP (or ask IT to run it for you!).


PDF files of invoices from the purchases made. Usually, these are stored on a network drive or directly in your ERP.

Download our data request document for more details:


You're all set!

After we've presented you with the results of the historical analysis, you can choose to subscribe and use our software to prevent future over- and underpayments from happening!


Our software is priced, such that your historical analysis refund can pay for its subscription for 20-40 years!

Peace of Mind

No more sales tax paid in error, no more reverse audits. And no fear of getting audited by the State.

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