"We're fed up with reverse audits!"

- This is what we hear over and over.

Problem 1:

Companies overpay sales tax and get only 65% of it back 3-4 years later with a reverse audit.

Problem 2:

Reverse audits often trigger regular audits... And with the inherent conflict of interest to identify underpayments in a reverse audit, corporations could be exposed to big liabilities.

Companies just want to comply with the law

and pay the right amount of sales tax at the time of purchase

So we built AI-powered software that identifies over- AND underpayments before payment extraction.

Sales & use tax compliance with minimal effort through the power of AI

Request early access and find out how your company can yield an ROI of up to 10x by using our software.


3 Steps to Automated Compliance:

1. Historical Analysis


2. Model Training

Using historical data as the predictor's backbone

3. Future Proof

Our AI lets you achieve compliance during invoice processing - no more reverse audits!

The Prophit.ai Taxionary

A simple preview of our Machine Learning capabilities: select a US State, type in any item and our algorithm will determine its taxability:


CEO: Austin Murray, Esq.

CTO: Rob van Haaren, PhD