"We're fed up with reverse audits!"

This is what we hear over and over.

Problem 1:

Companies overpay sales tax and get only 65% of it back 3-4 years later with a reverse audit.

Problem 2:

Reverse audits often trigger regular audits... And with the inherent conflict of interest to identify underpayments in a reverse audit, corporations could be exposed to big liabilities.

Companies just want to comply with the law, so we built AI-powered software that identifies over- AND underpayments before payment extraction.

Our customers will yield an ROI of up to 10x by using our software.

3 Steps to Automated Compliance:

1. Historical Analysis


2. Model Training

Using historical data as the predictor's backbone

3. Future Proof

Our AI lets you achieve compliance during invoice processing - no more reverse audits!

The Prophit.ai Taxionary

A simple preview of our Machine Learning capabilities: select a US State, type in any item and our algorithm will determine its taxability:


CEO: Austin Murray, Esq.

CTO: Rob van Haaren, PhD

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